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Aarslev BK B2009 A

Registration number: 1291
Registrator: Maria Kristina Fogelberg Log in
Primary shirt color: Yellow
Secondary shirt color: Black
Leader: Tonni Stage
Gold medal! Won the entire Playoff A! Congratulations!
Highest goal count per game among the teams in B2009 A (3.8)
Highest goal count among the teams in B2009 A (19)
Aarslev BK was one of 109 clubs from Denmark that had teams playing during Kronborg Cup 2023. They participated with one team in Boys 2009 A.

In addition to Aarslev BK, 9 other teams played in Boys 2009 A. They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof Aarslev BK could be found in Group A together with Allerød Fodbold Klub, Hellerup Idræts Klub, Lyngby Boldklub 1921 and Sundby Boldklub.

Aarslev BK made it to Playoff A after reaching 1:st place in Group A. Once in the playoff they won every match inluding the Final against Greve Fodbold, which they won with 5-4. Thereby Aarslev BK won the entire Playoff A in Boys 2009 A during Kronborg Cup 2023.

Aarslev comes from Odense sø which lies approximately 150 km from Helsingør, where Kronborg Cup takes place.

5 games played


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